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Phaidon International Selects Capp to Provide Modern Recruitment Portal


Phaidon International, the parent company of five award-winning recruitment brands, has selected strengths experts Capp to provide its new recruitment portal. It will transform the hiring experience for Phaidon International candidates and recruiters and assess more than 2000 graduates worldwide over the coming year.

The Phaidon International portal uses a combination of questions, video and other media to provide an authentic preview of what it is like to work at the micro-specialist staffing group, helping prospective employees to understand if the company is the right fit for them, while simultaneously giving the company a deeper insight into candidates’ strengths and potential.  As a result, Phaidon International expects to increase the quality, cultural fit, engagement and retention of its new recruits globally.

Steve Yendell, Chief Operating Officer at Phaidon International, said,

“To succeed as a business it is essential that we employ the right people. As an organisation that is committed to organic growth, we feel a duty of care to employ individuals who will thrive in our company culture and progress onwards and upwards through the ranks. Capp’s modern assessments will provide valuable, authentic insight into an individual’s fit with our culture, values and expectations whilst also letting candidates discover their strengths and potential. It’s an extremely powerful two-way process.”

Phaidon International invests heavily in training new team members and supporting their progression through the organisation. Implementing the Capp solution is the next step in its commitment to development. CEO Harry Youtan is a case in point, having started with the firm as a graduate in 2007 and working his way through the ranks over the last 12 years to his current role.

Yendell continued,

“We are an innovative business which is committed to delighting our clients, as is Capp, so the partnership was a natural fit. Their team worked closely with us to tailor the portal to our specific needs rather than just offering a standard solution. In a short amount of time we have created a high-quality immersive assessment environment which further improves the candidate experience, whilst giving our hiring managers a rich evaluation of their fit with our business; we are very excited to see the results it delivers.”

Paul Clark, CCO at Capp said,

“Phaidon International is a fantastic example of a company that understands the value of its most important resource, talent. We look forward to partnering with them and using the power of strengths-based assessment to find the right high potential graduates for their growing international business.”


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