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Pioneering Predictive People Analytics Platform Launched


Cognisess has launched its brand new platform to improve recruitment, performance and organisational design for companies, and to support individuals in finding the right job roles and career paths.

The platform measures 80 attributes through over 40 games and assessments, all completed online at Multi-language and mobile responsive, the platform is accessible across countries and devices.

Organisations can view all their people data in a single personalised dashboard, and have access to an application tracking system to monitor job applications at all stages of the hiring process. In addition, companies can identify best fit candidates using a profiler that compares individuals by specific attributes or against high performing current employees.

Candidates access their own personalised profile page where they can upload documents and a video, as well as their previous work experience and educational qualifications. There’s also a careers section allowing individuals to explore good fit career paths, with a jobs board coming very soon.

The platform is completely free for job seekers looking for fulfilling job and career matches, while organisations can take advantage of a flexible and personalised pay as you go system.

The Cognisess Deep Learn™ engine combines multiple data points to match the right person to the right role, reducing bias and improving recruitment and retention for employers and employees alike.

Measuring cognitive abilities, core skills, behaviour patterns, emotional intelligence, personality and culture fit, sentiment, workforce data, and job feedback from managers and new hires, Cognisess supports individuals in the workforce from recruitment right through to retirement, ensuring companies and their employees function at their very best.

Chris Butt, Founder and CEO of Cognisess, said:

“This release represents an enormous step forward with Cognisess Deep Learn™ being at the heart of the platform – objectively matching job seekers to the right job or career path.

Our predictive people analytics combines 8 performance areas making Cognisess the most comprehensive tool for companies to make accurate decisions about their candidates and employees.”


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