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Poll Results: Social Media to Dominate Recruitment in Coming Years


Over the past few weeks, Recruitment Buzz has been posing an important question to its readership of recruitment professionals and industry thought leaders
, asking; Over the next 5 years, which of the following do you believe will be the most dominant force in Recruitment?” The results are in and the clear winner is social media.

Social Media

2018 isn’t so far away and new technology is constantly developing and changing. There does seem to be one constant, however, and that’s the popularity of social media. With 51%, of the vote in the Recruitment Buzz poll, it seems the use of social media in recruitment, although a relatively new concept; is going from strength to strength.

Since the birth of Twitter in 2005, over 500million users have signed up to the site and of these, over 8million have found jobs through it. Perhaps that’s no surprise when you take into account the fact that 15% of recruiters advertise jobs via cleverly targeted tweets. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook can boast 1.15 billion active users with 65% of companies scouring the site to identify and recruit new talent.

LinkedIn is the most popular and professional ‘social media’ site out of the three and it’s the place that candidates are more likely to be hired. 238million people use the site, which draws in 48% of recruiters – what better place to source and connect with potential candidates?

The evolution of social media continues and it seems the Recruitment Buzz readership is in agreement that the industry will benefit from the changes which are bound to come over the next five years.

Meanwhile, another popular response from the readership, with 24% of the vote was video interviewing.

Video Interviewing

Video interviewing is becoming more and more popular with companies around the world. It’s a cost effective solution to what can be a very time consuming and expensive problem and benefits not only the recruiter but also the candidate.

Research shows that 63% of companies have said that they often conduct video interviews already and with new user-friendly software becoming available, this number is only set to increase.

But whilst social media and video interviewing are relatively new concepts, the Recruitment Buzz readership has not forgotten one of the mainstays in the industry…

Job Boards

Job Boards have been around since 1994, when Robert J. McGovern set up a site called NetStart Inc. which four years later became CareerBuilder. Fast forward 15 years and an array of Job Boards can be found at the click of a button, giving candidates access to thousands of jobs.

Whilst the press has been awash with stories around the death of the job board, you only have to look at the statistics from to see that they are still going strong. 2,126 new job postings are uploaded every day and 17,778 job searches made every hour. Recruitment Buzz readers are well aware of these statistics and seem to believe that for the next five years at least, Job Boards will remain a dominant force in the industry.

The outcome? With technology moving so quickly, no one can know for sure what will happen to the equally fast-moving recruitment industry in the next five years. Voters in the Buzz poll have given their opinion, however and it’s social media which seems to be leading the way. It will be interesting to see how networking platforms develop in the next 12 months and at Recruitment Buzz, we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye as matters unfold. Here’s to the next five years in recruitment!

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