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Before You Post that Job Advert Here’s What You Shoud Know


Indeed was recently confirmed as the leading source of external hires for the fifth consecutive year. With 16 billion job posts and 8.2 jobs posted per second on the site, here’s what you need to know before you post your next job advert:-

Avoid ‘innovative’ job titles : Indeed reports a 328% growth in job adverts using the word ‘jedi’ in titles or descriptions since the release of Star Wars : The Force Awakens. Other popular words include ‘ninja’ (including a vacancy for a ‘duct cleaning ninja’) ‘rock star’, ‘wizard’, ‘guru’ (declining in popularity now) and even ‘security princess’. While there may be a novelty value attached to them, stick with straightforward, searchable posts that will attract qualified applicants. Job titles with 80 characters or less were also found to receive the most clicks.

Highlight the benefits : Benefits are a major factor for workplace happiness for over a third of employees according to Conference Genie. Bonuses, health insurance and paid for breaks ranked the highest in terms of financial perks. A paid day off for birthdays and free meals at work also featured significantly in responses (Caffe Nero – who removed free food for employees in response to the National Living Wage – take note).  One in four would be content with free tea and biscuits. Be clear on the benefits available to prospective applicants.