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How to Prevent Last Minute Graduate Job Offers Rejections


The last minute reneging of job offers was a problem for graduate employers in 2016.

According to the Association of Graduate Recruiters 7.1% of job offers made last year were reneged on at the last minute causing disruption to hiring processes. In total, around 1,000 job offers were affected and over half of all businesses were also unable to fill all of their graduate jobs.

The problem is expected to increase this year due to the following:-

  • A predicted rise in overall graduate vacancies of 5.4%. Retail, the public sector and engineering will collectively add 1,200 new jobs.
  • One third of graduates expect less competition in their sector. As Brexit is expected to impact the availability of foreign graduates in areas such as tech, employers must continue to monitor and review key stages in their recruitment process to avoid those last minute rejected job offers.