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Professionals Are Not Ready for Digital Transformation


Skillsoft, the global leader in corporate learning, today announced that a survey of 152 Learning and Development (L&D) professionals revealed a lack of understanding and preparation for digital transformation.

The survey, carried out in February 2018 at Learning Technologies 2018, shows that over half of those surveyed are unaware of, don’t understand, or don’t know how digital transformation will apply to their organisations.  As a consequence, over three quarters do not know what related skills their employees will require in order to ensure a successful digital future.

Key findings:

  • 87 percent of L&D professionals are unaware of all the skills their organisations will need to deliver digital transformation
  • Less than half (45 percent) are confident their organisation’s training is adequate when it comes to preparing for digital transformation
  • Yet, 87 percent believe that digital transformation will have a positive impact on L&D
  • 46 percent believe that digital transformation will have a bigger impact on their company than Brexit or the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Agility (31 percent), capability (28 percent) and efficiency (23 percent) are perceived to be the most important aspects of digital transformation.  Only 9 percent of those surveyed consider productivity to be most important.

The survey highlights a concerning gap between general awareness of digital transformation, and an understanding of the practical awareness, knowledge and planning that L&D professionals need to undertake to prepare their organisations.

“Organisations across all industry verticals are faced with the task of supporting the convergence of technical and business acumen.  Digital transformation is not just about embracing new technology, it is about a change in the way people think and how the organisational culture supports innovation,” said Steve Wainwright, Managing Director for EMEA at the Skillsoft Group.  “Skillsoft’s new digital transformation course series is designed to help organisations address this challenge and prepare for the road ahead in industry-changing technologies such as cloud, data analytics and Internet of Things.”

To learn more about Skillsoft’s new Digital Transformation course series:


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