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The Queen’s Speech & HR


Just two weeks after the election result left the country in a state of uncertainty, yesterday’s Queen’s Speech outlined the Government’s plans for key areas. What is the impact for HR?

No real clarity on Brexit

Brexit negotiations have now officially begun but no real clarity was offered on the issue of immigration and freedom of movement. The lack of available migrant talent to fill skills gaps post-Brexit is one of the biggest challenges for hiring teams already facing difficulties in filling open jobs. A recent report from the CIPD and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) found that low skilled and low paid jobs, including care and hospitality, fail to attract UK born workers. UK fruit farmers have also today raised concerns over the availability of migrant workers for harvesting. Despite these shortages, a quarter of employers would be reluctant to comply with proposed requirements for a job offer to be made to EU migrants before they can enter the UK.