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Questionmark Expands Professional Services Offering to Help Customers Get the Most Out of Assessments


Questionmark, the leading provider of enterprise-grade assessment software, is expanding its professional services offering to ensure organisations get the most out of their assessments. Questionmark will now provide a range of services to make it quicker and easier for customers to get value from their digital assessment programs.

Implementing assessments correctly to avoid cheating, bias or other undesirable influences requires specialist knowledge. Questionmark’s professional services will provide short term or permanent support to help organisations deliver valid, reliable, fair and legally defensible assessments. This helps ensure that organisations can meet their compliance requirements and maximise their learning and development investment.

As part of its professional services offer, Questionmark will help organisations with the technical elements of assessments. This includes setting up and deploying the assessment platform, configuring it at enterprise scale, migrating from existing systems, automation of assessment administration and delivery, and more. Questionmark will also help with assessment authoring to ensure that every paper meets exacting standards, as well as auditing existing assessments using industry best practice. All of these services can be provided on-site or remotely.

To deliver some of the services within the professional services offering, Questionmark has partnered with professional consultancy service AlphaPlus. Experts from AlphaPlus will help Questionmark customers with test design, writing, reporting, and more. These services will be provided through Questionmark’s consulting arm, to deliver a higher quality output at every stage; from properly constructing assessments to expertly evaluating results.

John Kleeman, Questionmark Founder and Executive Director said:

“In addition to our enterprise-grade assessment software, we are excited to provide companies with the skills that they may lack in-house, to ensure that every assessment is valid, fair, reliable and defensible. Working with AlphaPlus to provide some of these new professional services will enable organisations to get even more value from our assessment platform.”

Lars Pedersen, CEO at Questionmark, added:

“Expanding our professional services offering is the logical next step in helping our customers to unlock the potential of their organisation and its people. Customers can now choose the individual services they need, or they can rely on Questionmark to run their whole program. Given that so many organisations base critical decisions on their assessment programs, it is vital that they are run correctly, and as efficiently as possible.”

John Winkley, Director at AlphaPlus said:

“We are thrilled to be working with Questionmark to provide world-class professional services, so that firms around the world can make the most of their assessments. The combined offer will be of significant benefit to Questionmark’s customers.”


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