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Re-Engineering The Recruitment Process for the Connected World


However, once we’ve initially engaged with candidates, the processes that support the application and deployment process are for the majority not fully automated, online, or even built for purpose, meaning the customer experience is not always a positive one. Enter the “black hole” syndrome. In more cases than we as an industry care to admit, a candidate applies for a job and never hears back.

Whilst we have access to more people than ever before, how do we know which of these are active or passive job-seekers at any given time? Who is available to work this or next week with the best fit for a particular role? The worker and agency both suffer by not having a easy way of communicating this real-time availability. Much of the consultant’s working week is spent calling around to determine who is available, or sending bulk SMS messages to applicants disappointing all bar the first to respond with a lack of work, and/or a lack of a reply. And if they do get lucky, the timesheet and payment experience can in itself damage the experience further, as it’s often driven by paper-based processes with room for human error.