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What You Really Should Know About HR Software


Technology is continuing to transform recruitment strategies, although British employers are still lagging behind the rest of the world. Nearly half of all UK CEOs (47%) are failing to deal with the effect of automation and AI on their businesses, according to PwC. If you’re still resisting that first step towards technology, here are five things you really should know about HR software that might change your mind:-

It deals with that mounting CV pile : For many hiring teams, the volume of unsuitable CVs is holding up their recruiting efforts. Over 60% of UK workers apply for jobs they aren’t qualified for, that’s according to new research. Totaljobs latest Employment Index also reveals that job applications rose by 11% in the last quarter of 2016. The number of applications per vacancy increased by 18% in the same period. That suggests that the majority of CVs on your desk are unlikely to match the requirements of your job post. Applicant tracking software simplifies the screening process by sifting CVs according to your company wide and job specific criteria, so the applications that reach your desk are more likely to be close match candidates – and you’re less likely to lose talent by taking too long to respond.