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Recruit the People you Really Want, Through Programmatic Advertising


This article has been submitted by Talentscape

Previously, we talked about the astonishing changes currently happening in the recruitment market. For all the difficulties and challenges, there are a small number of radically-new innovations offering immediate and sustainable results to help you recruit the people you need. One of those innovations is a total game-changer – ‘Programmatic Advertising’ – and it’s transforming the whole face of candidate attraction, in an incredibly powerful, positive and cost-efficient way …

Programmatic Advertising means that for the very first time, your individual job ads and wider recruitment campaigns can be programmed to search for relevant candidates, rather than relying on the candidate to search for them. Simply put, your ads appear where your audience is looking, and this means your ads reach the passive as well as the active audiences, across social media, news portals and lifestyle websites as well as recruitment sites – building a pipeline of candidates based on their profile and online behaviour, rather than the ‘post and pray’ hit and miss of traditional job boards and aggregators.

And that’s only part of the programmatic revolution. Based on AI and an intelligent algorithm, It can be tailored to specific geographies and demographics – and delivers astonishing MI. And for all the deep science, it’s also good to know that your ads are created beautifully ‘on brand’, can accommodate videos (if you have them) and drives candidates to your own website, a bespoke landing page or straight into your applicant system. What’s more, it operates on a Pay-per-Click model (PPC) so you get maximum cost-efficiency as well as reaching many of the ‘right’ people who previously wouldn’t have considered you as an employer. So you get the best of all worlds – measurable response, maximum exposure, a deeply intelligent method of putting your employer story in front of people who currently aren’t engaged with you – and applicants driven straight into your system, ready to engage with.

Is Programmatic just a passing fad? Certainly not. It’s the shape of everything to come. Consumer and B2B advertising underwent this revolution a decade ago, which is why 72% of global marketing spend is now invested in programmatic advertising. This is now being replicated in recruitment marketing – achieving extraordinary hiring results and totally changing the way organisations recruit for ALL types of roles, in any location. It’s a methodology that’s successful in engaging with an incredibly diverse range of skillsets – including IT, Engineering, Telecoms, Sales, FMCG, Finance, Social Services.  Every week, we’re asked to deliver results for different skillsets. Some of those are incredibly niche, others far more general – to give you an idea, we’re currently looking for Regulatory Affairs professionals to work in biotech, Dentists to work for a private health organisation; and even running a campaign in Germany to recruit a whole front-of-house team for a major new restaurant chain that’s about to launch in Frankfurt!

Programmatic Advertising really is the only way to attract the talent you need in the numbers you require – at no more time or cost than the more ‘traditional’ methods that simply no longer work. If you want to know more, just email and the team will be in touch.