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Recruiters to Boost Engagement Through Targeted SMS Marketing Next Year


Recruitment agents should go ‘back to basics’ and turn to the humble SMS as part of their 2018 marketing strategy in order to drive sales, engagement and loyalty according to bulk SMS provider, Voodoo SMS, based on a recent survey which shows that 58% of those questioned would be lost without text message notifications from their recruitment agent.

Voodoo SMS say that their survey to over 2,000 consumers revealed that a staggering 84% read all text messages received, and 70% read them within 5 minutes of them being sent.

When asked if they’d ever acted on a specific promotion or offer by text, 61% expressed they had, with the survey also highlighting that three quarters of those surveyed had willingly provided their mobile number to businesses.

58% agreed that a text message service from their recruitment agent was both important and informative.

Gareth Davies, Managing Director of Voodoo SMS, says that next year, recruiters could really enhance their service offering with targeted, complimentary and helpful marketing campaigns;

“The humble SMS being used on an everyday, conversational basis has long gone. This is why we’re seeing businesses of all sizes integrating SMS into their marketing strategy in preparation for 2018; receiving a text is now a bit of a novelty and the curiosity over who sent it and what it says allows businesses to deliver targeted messaging directly to existing and future customers.

“Recruiters in particular could really benefit from a slick SMS service in order to enhance the job-seeker experience of applications and interviews with them and being kept up to date.”

Any recruitment agent not already capitalising on the benefits SMS marketing can bring could gain insight from Voodoo SMS’s recent survey on SMS Marketing for Business; A Consumer Insight. Download the report for free by visiting;


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