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Recruiters – How to Outperform Your Competition in 2016


I’m not going for a predictions blog this year (or any other year come to think of it) but am instead going to share my thoughts on how to outperform your competitors in 2016. Here are my four “simple” steps:

1.  Create Content
Write a blog, LinkedIn Pulse articles, a client newsletter, articles for your local press; anything which showcases your expertise to your potential client base.  Be proactive with your marketing of this content and show off your expert status to candidates and clients on a regular basis.  Whatever you write make sure you share the backside out of.  Andy Headworth tells you why content marketing is great for recruiters and Social Talent have a handy guide to Creating a Kick-Ass Content Strategy.

2. Own Your Niche 

If you didn’t already know the future of recruitment is NICHE (& a load of other things) then now is the time to smell the coffee.   You need to become a niche recruiting ninja.