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Recruiting Has Become Marketing


Over the years, recruiting has become marketing: it is not just about finding the right fit for your position anymore. Recruitment is about encouraging job seekers to apply for your company in the first place, but also about providing a positive candidate experience and retaining top talent. It is about conveying an authentic message out there to the public so that unsuccessful candidates do not feel rejected, and former employees still feel very strongly about their past employers.

Recruiting has become marketing because recruiters need to convince and sell, just like marketing folks do. Except recruiters do not sell what the company is producing, they sell the company itself: its corporate culture, values and mission, its workplace, its roles and advancement opportunities.

More than ever, human resources departments have to worry about employer branding and candidate experience. Companies do not only need to take care of their clients, they need to take care of their past and current employees as well as their past, current and future candidates.