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Recruiting In the Age of Job Hopping


As a general rule, people move to new companies because they believe they offer more or better opportunities, but this can play out in several different ways. Most individuals move to new positions to nab a salary increase. Some think a change will result in a better work/life balance. Others are changing their career paths entirely and feel that they have to start fresh at a new company.

In this overly informed world, people believe that building a variety of experiences is only possible through changing jobs. They hear about too many outside opportunities and not enough opportunities closer to their current positions. Job titles can feel confining, and if employees don’t hear enough about direct advancements where they are, they will assume they don’t exist and look elsewhere.

That’s rarely a win for current employers. The high price of investing in an employee — only to see him leave — is frustrating, to say the least. Employers need to look at external recruitment needs and build an employee brand that supports retention.