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Recruitment Buzz Meets: Dominic Chapman, CEO of StemX


This year’s Recruitment Agency Expo is marked to be the best to date, with organisers expecting record crowds to make their way to the NEC Birmingham on the 3rd and 4th October 2018. This is partly down to the many high-profile speakers set to take the stages over the course of the two-day event. One of which is Dominic Chapman, the 22-year-old CEO of one of the industries most innovative platforms; StemX. Today, Dominic tells us more about StemX and provides us with a sneak peak of his presentation.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

My name’s Dom and I’m the co-founder of StemX, a Video Interviewing platform designed for Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies, enabling them to harness the power of Video in a safe and secure way.

Before StemX, I was the running a creative agency with my business partner alongside a few other side projects. We helped all different types of companies from start ups to national companies, on anything from brand, web design, app development & content creation. It was fun but we had a burning desire to fix real problems.

Before that, I was an IT consultant, implementing systems and projects, working with suppliers, all sorts!

I love what I do now and I try and stay close to all our customers as I feel it’s important to understand exactly what they are feeling and what they need.

Can you tell us more about your company?

So StemX is a simple, intuitive on demand Video Interviewing platform for Recruiters & Recruitment agencies. We have an extremely strong ethos here at StemX which is keeping things simple and easy. This runs through from pricing to how you actually use the platform. We don’t tie you into long contracts and all our pricing is available online, unlike anyone else.

We started StemX because we knew and still know that Video is the future, especially in Recruitment. We felt that bringing a young company with a fresh outlook would be good for the Recruitment Tech industry, we have certainly ruffled a few feathers.

Could you give us a sneak preview of your seminar at the expo?

So, I guess the reason why I wanted to talk on this topic is because I feel strongly that if you aren’t integrating technology into your business NOW, then there is a high chance that you’ll be stuck behind and before it’s too late, you won’t be able to catch up.

There is so much tech out there and so much choice, so I’ll be covering how to actually work out what you need first before chucking tech at everything and anything, which also doesn’t work! As a director of a Recruitment Business, it’s tough to split time to work out what you need, so hopefully this will talk will help you with the fine art of not just finding the right technology, but the tough part – making it stick with all your recruiters.

Looking to 2019, what do you see as the biggest opportunities for the recruitment Sector?

That’s a tough one and a hard one to call. I think there is two big opportunities. First, Recruitment Agencies have tons of data on what both candidates and their clients and how they interact. If certain agencies can harness that data instead of it just sitting in their CRM, they will become very powerful.

Is there anything on the horizon the recruitment sector should be worried about?

I think everyone is going to be mentioning Brexit & potentially GDPR. They are a given and actions should definitely be taken, but we don’t know what the worry is yet until we are in the middle of it, so just be prepared.

If you aren’t providing unbelievable value for your clients that, then more disruption will come and certain Recruiters will feel it on the bottom line. That isn’t necessarily software either, but different business models that are handling more than just the Recruitment function but also Employer brand and more.

What are your thoughts on Brexit and its impacts on your space?

Our space or the recruitment space as a whole? I think it may affect recruitment and specifically overseas recruitment. But I like to keep politics out of things!

What’s the most important piece of advice you would give a recruiter?

Just like any other person, be open and embrace change. We are in an era where technology is moving faster than ever and if you are not embracing it and trying to fight change, it will hurt you. I don’t think anyone in 2018 should be a ‘non tech savvy’ person, especially if you are responsible for running a person. Become a student. Learn how to use this and be the influencer within your company.

Automation: friend or foe to recruitment?

Definitely friend. I did a talk specifically on automation last year, and it was really interesting where automation comes from and what happens from automating things. The whole concept of automation is basically to automate mundane tasks for you to focus on doing more human, cognitive things. If you want me to send over my talk / blog on this, email me at [email protected]

What advice would you give to anyone attending the expo this year?

If you are going for a specific reason, to meet someone or a company, email and reach out to them beforehand and try and get some 1-1 time. And speak to everyone! I always go to the expo with a few key outcomes that I want each year, so make sure you know what they are beforehand.