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Recruitment Buzz Meets: Natasha Oppenheim; CEO of No Desire to Retire


The current recruitment market has become slightly obsessed with the Millennial group; placing a great deal of our marketing efforts on attracting and retaining young talent. However, one woman campaigning for the older worker is Natasha Oppenheim; CEO of No Desire to Retire.

Today, we at Recruitment Buzz caught up with the entrepreneur.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

My background is pretty varied.  I’ve worked in large and small companies across a variety of sectors.  As a result I have been able to work with people from many backgrounds, ages and countries.  I am passionate about helping older workers to find work as they are some of the most experienced and emotionally mature people in our workforce.

Can you tell us more about your company?

No Desire To Retire is the UK’s largest site for the over 50’s looking for work in the UK with over 26,000 members.  We work with national and local employers and with recruiters who are looking to hire from our experienced pool of people.

Could you give us a sneak preview of your seminar at the expo?

The seminar covers the huge demographic shift that is happening with the ageing population in the UK and how that presents opportunities for recruiters and employers to tap into a new talent pool of older workers.  The seminar will demolish some myths of older workers, and provide case studies of the financial benefits to companies of engaging with a multi-generational workforce….

Looking to 2019, what do you see as the biggest opportunities for the recruitment Sector?

It will be no surprise to hear that I think one of the biggest opportunities for the recruitment Sector is to access the benefits of older workers in their searches for employers.

Is there anything on the horizon the recruitment sector should be worried about?

Yes I think the demographic change is going to require a big shift in thinking about older workers. It’s not a secret that the industry is highly ageist.  Older workers are 4 times less likely to be called for interview based on similar skills to a younger worker.  I think the recruitment sector should be worried about not understanding this shift is coming and not adapting its screening or policies to be able to capitalise on the benefit older workers in a multi-generational work force can bring to its clients.

What are your thoughts on Brexit and its impacts on your space?

A controversial question to be sure, but one that impacts on every space.  For us I believe it presents a great opportunity for recruiters to see the talent that we have in the UK, and to have to think out the box to consider untapped areas of resource like older workers.

What’s the most important piece of advice you would give a recruiter?

Don’t be afraid to hire people who are not like you – if you are younger, consider hiring an older person, because one day, if you are lucky, you too will be old and might want to work.  Look beyond the surface to see the character and skills fit.

Automation: friend or foe to recruitment?

Both – it can reduce administration but I believe it can also be used to screen out applicants based on superficial attributes such as age which is a foe to finding the right person for your search.

What advice would you give to anyone attending the expo this year?

Come to our seminar! Speak to a variety of people, you never know what will come of it. We attended the Expo in early 2018 in London and made some great connections.