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Recruitment Buzz Meets: Ryan Bridgman – Sales Director of UK and Ireland for Jobrapido


Recruitment Buzz caught up with Ryan Bridgman who recently joined as Sales Director, UK and Ireland for Jobrapido – a top international job search engine.

From its headquarters in Milan, Jobrapido conducts business in 58 countries. Jobrapido lists over 20 million jobs every month, records 55 million visits per month and has close to 90 million profiled users. In the UK, Jobrapido registers 4 million visits per month, has around 7 million registered users and has 2 million available jobs in its search engine, taking the lead position in the UK.

Ryan heads up the newly opened UK division. which is based in the City of London.

How long have you worked in the industry and what do you most enjoy about working in the recruitment world?

I have worked within the HR consultancy and Recruitment space for over 20 years. My move into digital recruitment happened when I joined Monster where worked for 14 years, most latterly as Sales Director for the UK.

I really love this industry. Recruiters and Human Resources departments play such a pivotal part in how an organisation can perform by ensuring they bring in talent that helps take it forward. At the core, I get a real kick out of supporting organisations to find the right talent as well as being able to support a candidate on their career path, whether that is a school leaver or someone with 20+ years’ experience looking to build on their expertise and take on a new challenge. I’m proud that what we do in this industry makes such a huge positive impact on people’s lives.

Why did you make the move to Jobrapido?

Not taking anything away from my career to date, – I was ready for something completely different and something which I believe reflects the recruitment zeitgeist.  I’ve always had a great interest in technology and the impact it has in all aspects of society, plus a fascination with Artificial Intelligence and its applicability to HR and Recruitment. When the opportunity came along to be part of a unique proposition in the UK combining all of these elements I jumped at the chance.

I genuinely believe that what Jobrapido has to offer is totally unique. What distinguishes Jobrapido from other job search engines in the marketplace, is the investment it has made in pioneering technology called Smart Intuition Technology, a proprietary solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, combined with the application of Taxonomy.

It fine tunes the job search with a much greater degree of sophistication than ever before and results in far more personalised and accurate matches for the candidate and recruiter.  We hear a lot about the “war on talent” in the industry but it doesn’t need to be this way.

Moreover, Jobrapido’s CEO Rob Brouwer and I worked at Monster for several years during a period of huge organisational growth and I’d always really enjoyed working with him and the way he likes to take organisations forward. So in that perspective it was really exciting to work with him again.

And is the recruitment industry ready to embrace the technology?

For the main, definitely!  Of course, I can’t speak for everyone, but results speak volumes.  Jobrapido’s customer base in the UK has grown considerably and we now have nearly 7 million profiled UK candidates. We have come a long way in such a short period of time. And what we see when we engage with our client base is a disconnect between what recruiters want and what they actually get (and pay for!). The fact we are able to offer this unique solution all on a pay for results basis has helped propel the growth we are seeing and we are working with a wide range of inhouse recruiters, brand agencies and job boards to implement our solutions.

So artificial intelligence and robots aren’t taking away all our jobs?

It’s a question I am asked a lot! The truth is that nobody knows for sure. That being said, logic dictates that with the advancement of technology some jobs which were carried out by humans will be taken over by technology. But let’s flip this to the positive – what this means is that elements of people’s jobs will evolve and potentially become more interesting. At the same time new opportunities for different roles and focus within an organisation are already taking place. I’ve read it many times that a huge percentage of the job titles that are expected to exist in 10 years don’t actually exist today. We are seeing a very exciting development in the workplace with the integration of artificial intelligence in tandem with a great emphasis placed on the importance of human intelligence such as leadership and intuition – something AI can’t replicate.