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Recruitment Buzz Meets: Simon Wright, Managing Director CareersinAudit


Recruitment Buzz recently had the chance to speak to Simon Wright, the Managing Director of, CareersinRisk,, and

It’s a competitive marketplace, what are your views about how job-boards can thrive over the coming years?

It certainly is a competitive marketplace. With every media company, online marketing platform and now search engines trying to get a piece of the online recruitment market, it’s difficult to see how this can continue without some high scale amalgamations within the industry or multiple providers closing their doors. There’s been a lot of talk and buzz about Google for Jobs, with doom-mongers saying this is going to destroy the job board industry. I personally think it could become a very good source of additional candidates for well-indexed job boards and career sites that have been tailored to Google’s required specifications. The entry of Google into the job market is certainly going to cause waves.

Likewise, we often read about LinkedIn being the death-knell for job boards. Again, it’s about seeing the positives rather than the threats. For example, at, we regularly use LinkedIn as a marketing tool to boost our profile and let as many potential and relevant candidates know about the opportunities for them on our boards. It’s a great tool for specialist targeting and communicating with clients. It’s also been useful for us as we expand into new specialisms and regions – for example when we wanted to target cyber security experts in New York.

The recent aggressive growth of LinkedIn with their Recruiter product and job aggregator websites such as Indeed taking a bigger slice of the market, a number of large generalist job boards have had a tough few years trying to compete, some shrinking to less than 10% of what they were just 5 years ago. That said, I feel that not all job boards are under threat in today’s current competitive market; it is all about specialising and offering something slightly different and focused. Pure play or niche specialist job boards such as, and have grown year on year during the same timescale and I feel this is due to offering a more targeted, bespoke and consultative service to a very specific group of candidates and clients, rather than offering jobs to all candidates across all sectors in one particular country. for example covers just 27 specific job titles across 7 different job types, but in every country of the world. Candidates appreciate the targeted content and information that is provided on job boards that are tailored specifically for their speciality and companies are happy to pay a slight premium to attract these candidates, as they know they will be the right people they are looking for.

There’s more talk in the market that we are likely to see more job boards merging – do you agree?

I think it’s very likely the recruitment industry may witness some of the larger more generalist job boards consolidating over the coming years. I also believe (and I know it might come across as a tad self-serving!) that the future lies with specialist job boards. The ones that will flourish will be those who are not simply aggregators of jobs that can be found everywhere, but those that provide valuable insights and information for their candidates working in a specific industry.  Plus, the smart ones will look at ways to ensure they are getting the most out of the data they have so they can make better and informed decisions about how to target candidates and ensure the right people see the best matching jobs at the right time.

What does the future hold for the CareersinAudit Group of job boards?

As for the future of the CareersinAudit group of job boards, it’s an exciting time. We are continuing to broaden our specialist job remit, which, as well as covering the audit and governance industries, also includes jobs for risk (, compliance & regulations ( and cyber security ( professionals. 2019 will see further specialisation for the group within IT governance with the launch of a new board focusing on data analytics and AI. We are also expanding into new regions – North America is a big focus for us this year and we will hope to continue our success on the other side of the pond by expanding our US operations from our New York office, which opened last year. With offices now in London, Sydney and New York, the group effectively covers every time zone, so we can continue our aim of supplying jobs and talent to candidates and companies in every country the world within our specialisms.