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Recruitment CEO Addresses Both Sides of the National Living Wage Increase


April 1st marked a National Living Wage increase of almost 5%, with around 1.8 million workers set to receive a pay rise. Lorna Davidson, CEO of award-winning short-term recruitment specialist, RedWigWam, addresses both sides of the increase with mixed feelings for workers and hirers:

“It’s great to see the Government take charge and prioritise workers’ rights by introducing the biggest ever increase to the National Living Wage.

“On the side of our workers, it’s obviously incredibly positive, especially given the rise in basic living costs. Our workers are dedicated, hardworking people who are facing a rise in living costs and I believe they should be paid appropriately for their hard work.

“However, it does concern me that 21-24 year olds are missing out because of the lower rates for their age group and are having to make ends meet with around £800 less a year than over 25s.

“The TUC have called for all over 21s to be paid the full minimum wage rate and for it also be raised to £10 an hour, but this does bring into question the pressure on businesses to meet these requirements.

“I do have sympathy for our hirers, as they are also facing rising costs, including business rates and pension contributions, as well as having to meet an above inflation pay rise for workers. For many, this can mean facing some difficult decisions and we need to bear in mind that many small businesses are already struggling, and we need to protect them in order to protect jobs and workers.

“At RedWigWam, we have a community of 80,000 workers. We provide them with all the benefits of being fully employed – such as National Insurance and tax paid at source, pension contributions and holiday pay – with all the benefits of doing flexible work, regardless of how many hours they work.”

For further information on RedWigWam or to arrange an interview with Lorna Davidson, please contact Lauren at LUYA on: 01244 560 006 or email [email protected]


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