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Recruitment CEO Addresses UK’s Potential Post-Brexit Hospitality Worker Shortage


Comment from Lorna Davidson, CEO of short-term recruitment specialist, RedWigWam:

“Being proactive is the key to helping the UK’s hotel industry and other sectors to weather the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and to ensure they have enough staff to keep their businesses running.

“There are concerns that proposed regulations could dictate what type of workers are allowed to come to the UK after we leave the EU, but let’s not forget there are people across Britain looking for employment.

“For many, however, the lack of flexible or part-time working options prevents them from being able to find suitable roles. But it’s not about them being unwilling to work, it’s about the reality of life – especially for parents with young children.

“I welcome the recruitment campaign launched by Travelodge to help unemployed mums and dads return to work. Housekeeping and shifts on reception are just some of the flexible roles the hotel chain is offering, and these are ideal for workers to fit around the school run and their other commitments.

“There’s already so much pressure on parents to maintain a work-life balance, and I believe employers have a responsibility to offer and encourage flexible-working options.

“At RedWigWam we have a database of more than 80,000 workers who are UK residents and are available to fill positions across Britain. What’s more, many of them have experience in the hospitality sector or are keen to work in the industry.”


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