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Recruitment espionage: PR agency’s Twitter stunt


Porter Novelli, a Sydney-based PR agency, took to Twitter yesterday saying they would give an entry level position to the best tweet with the hashtag “#SocialCV”, Mumbrella reported.

However, the move opened up the viral floodgates. Tweets ranged from legitimate, funny attempts to securing the position, to insults varying in severity from nonsensical pop culture references to user Bernard T. Bolt Esq tweeting “Does your marketing department need someone who’s [sic] answer for every problem is “kill yourself”?”

The tweets indicated Porter Novelli’s plan for recruitment had backfired as another poor attempt at integrating social media into recruitment.

Eaon Pritchard, strategy director of Sputnik Australia, wrote on Mumbrella that the failure of the campaign was damaging to the industry, as it down-plays the potential of social media as part of business strategy.