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Recruitment Lessons from Dr Who


The announcement by the BBC that the 13th Dr Who will be played by a female for the first time in the show’s history was greeted with a Twitter meltdown and a variety of responses to this unprecedented move.

What does the casting of actor Jodie Whittaker in this iconic role teach us about recruitment?

Interrupting unconscious bias is essential

For decades the assumption has always been that a male actor will play the role of the Time Lord. This – for some – dramatic change demonstrates how unconscious bias can influence expectations.  Reducing that bias in hiring is essential to transform stale talent acquisition strategies and resolve productivity and performance issues within your business.  ‘Confirmation bias’ and ‘hiring on intuition’ hinder your hiring success. Google’s re:Work platform has adopted a strategy of ‘unbiasing’, ie, ‘acknowledging and minimising the impact that unconscious bias has on our attitudes  and decisions’. Your own HR analytics will reveal the extent of bias in your own hiring process.