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Recruitment Software: 4 Thing You’re Forgetting to do


Hiring optimism at its highest for 3 years according to a new survey from Manpower which predicts a rush for talent prior to the triggering of Article 50 in 2017. Your recruitment software is one of your biggest assets in beating this rush but it’s only effective if you take advantage of all it has to offer. As you review your hiring strategy don’t forget these four ways to improve your success:-

Evaluate your job board use : 81% of candidates have used job boards as part of their job search in the past year. There are more effective ways to engage with talent and streamline your hiring process than blanket posting across all job boards. Analyse the success of your posts with recruitment analytics and focus on the job boards which produce the highest quality of candidates. A new vacancy is posted every 8.2 seconds on Indeed so competition for talent is high. If your job posts are failing to attract the calibre of candidates your business needs, carry out a review of each one. Our previous article explores 8 reasons your job post might not be working.