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Recruitment Specialists Confirm Place Amongst UK’s Best Companies


Staff at Thorn Baker Group are celebrating this month after learning that the firm has confirmed its place amongst the UK’s ‘Best Companies’.

The recruitment specialists, headquartered in Nottingham, have received the prestigious three-star accreditation by Best Companies, the highest level of certification reserved for  organisations that truly excel.

Happy and Engaged Employees

The three-star accreditation is awarded to companies that demonstrate extraordinary levels of employee engagement and is achieved following an in-depth survey of the firm’s members of staff. Overall, 85% of Thorn Baker Group staff were surveyed through a range of questions which explored their wellbeing, their role within the company and their job satisfaction levels. The resulting award is based solely on the outcomes of the staff responses.

Paul Jackman, CEO of Thorn Baker Group comments:

“Achieving the highest level of accreditation is a landmark achievement for the company and demonstrates that we are committed to the wellbeing of our employees. This is something we all take seriously across the business and I am therefore pleased that our employees consider Thorn Baker to be such a great place to work.”

Commitment to Growth

The three-star accreditation adds to what has been a successful period for Thorn Baker Group and the business is firmly committed to growth in 2019. The company is currently recruiting for new members of staff at its Nottingham office and its five other sites across the UK and is seeing positive results from the re-brand and strategic review which launched in summer 2018.

The strategic review saw the creation of a new brand identity, website and group structure which is enabling the firm to service the specific needs of its clients and candidates across its three core markets, the construction, industrial, and estates facilities and maintenance sectors.

The Group has established its own three distinct brands, Thorn Baker Construction, Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment and Thorn Baker Estates, Facilities and Maintenance and each brand is solely focussed on serving the clients and candidates within its market, therefore providing a more specialist service to firms in nationally.

Each brand is more independent and flexible, enabling it to respond to the specific needs of each sector, such as having opening hours, working practices and industry training that is more relevant to its clients and candidates.

Paul Jackman adds:

“The new brand and structure is having a positive impact not only on our clients and candidates, but also on the wellbeing of our staff and has undoubtedly contributed to our three-star accreditation. Enabling our staff to specialise, and tailoring their training and development opportunities to their specific career goals, combined with flexible working hours, has increased engagement within the company.”

“Not only that, the re-brand also allowed us to re-communicate our values to our teams across the UK, central to this is our commitment to our employees’ wellbeing and personal development.  I know that this will continue to have a positive impact on our clients and candidates as a happy and engaged workforce will always deliver the best customer service, ensuring the right candidates are working with the right clients.”

Following this period of consistent growth, Thorn Baker Group now manages the recruitment needs of companies across the UK, placing over 30,000 candidates in jobs each year.


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