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Recruitment Tips for New Construction Businesses


When setting up a new construction business, you will find yourself rather excited, picturing the successes to come! However, when it comes to running a successful business with growth abilities, you must think about your team. RhinoRecruitment.Com, a Cardiff-based agency, work with construction business of all ages, shapes and sizes, offering bespoke recruitment solutions to encourage high-performing teams.

If you are a construction startup and are at the stage where you are considering roping in the help of a specialist recruitment agency, below are a few tips from RhinoRecruitment.Com to keep in mind.

Recruit for the future – As a new business, company budget will be tight, no matter how well you are doing. This is why when recruiting, you need to ensure your efforts are worth it, putting some thought into the future of the business and what types of individuals you will need not just next month but 6 –12 months down the line.

Be clear about your mission – When recruiting, you want to ensure the candidate you employ sticks with you, not seeing you having to re-advertise for the job and look for a replacement. Costing a great deal of money and time, we suggest being incredibly clear about what your company’s mission and vison is, making sure that both you and the candidate are on the same page from the offset.

Have an on-boarding process – The first few weeks of employment is when an employee decides whether or not they are in it for the long haul. For this reason, you should think about how you welcome new recruits into your business. From gathering all of their information to training, the more prepared you are, the better their on-boarding experience.

Need help finding the right staff for your construction business? If so, RhinoRecruitment.Com can certainly help. Having won various awards for their cutting-edge solutions, they can provide your business with access to their ever-growing pool of construction talent. For more details or to speak to one of their specialist agents, get in touch.