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Recruitment’s First Ever 100% Finance and 12-month Rebate Scheme Drives Agency Growth


Take two recruitment business owners, both of which start their agencies at the same time and are equally strong sales consultants. Fast-forward 12 months and one of these agencies is continuing to grow its client portfolio and consultant head count, while the other is playing catch up – frustrated at their slower pace of growth. What is making the difference?

Money, or to be precise the lack of access to the money they are due.

Successfully placing a number of candidates is all very well, but if your clients are taking 60 to 70 (or more) days to pay your invoices, you can’t grow your business at the rate you want until those funds have cleared your account. That’s why it is not only important to regain control over your finances it is critical to your agency’s long-term success.

That’s where we come in.

We introduced the recruitment industry’s first – and only – 100% recruitment finance and 12-month rebate scheme for permanent recruitment businesses.