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RecTech Solution Offers New Way of Recruiting the Best Tech Talent


UK-based start-up elbo is set to disrupt the recruitment industry by offering employers a new approach to finding and recruiting the best tech talent. Responding to the growing need from all organisations for technical skills, elbo is a new platform which eliminates the need for job specs, CVs, recruitment agencies and job boards by instantly matching live job opportunities to individual skills, experiences and personality traits.

Launched by CEO and Founder John Bentley, the idea for elbo was born out of John’s own experience running large projects with significant IT recruitment needs. The technology has been designed to overhaul traditional job specs and CVs, instead automating the process of matching a small number of highly relevant and available candidates to the employer’s criteria defined using elbo’s intuitive job building features. elbo’s client website offers employers access to a job builder, interview scheduler and the option to create instant shortlists.

“Having led large IT projects and been through the pain and time drain of recruiting the right people for the job, it was clear to me that traditional methods of recruiting, especially for challenging technology projects, were highly ineffective,” says John. “elbo aims to overcome outdated hiring practices, we ask candidates to build a profile which covers their skills and experience as well as personality type, tendencies and behaviours and preferred way of working. Employers can get a tailored shortlist in minutes, so no need to review CVs or wait for recruitment agencies to get back to you.”

Candidates download elbo’s mobile app, set up their profile once and then simply maintain and update it when needed. elbo’s profile builder and psychometric profiling tool, availability and interview scheduler and offer management features means that skilled professionals end up on shortlists of three rather than 300, avoid the need to repeatedly fill in long application forms and don’t have to wait for recruiters to get back to them.

“Based on my own experience sourcing IT professionals, it’s clear that existing hiring mechanisms and pricing models are broken – sending CVs or filling out long application forms online then relying on the employer to do the heavy lifting – doesn’t consistently match the best talent to the roles out there nor provide real value to candidate or employer ,” John continues. “We’ve worked to make the elbo platform as easy to use as possible, whilst still capturing the right information. We use structured data, integrated with things like psychometrics to generate highly relevant shortlists in minutes rather than weeks.”

elbo operates out of the UK with ambitious growth plans over the next 12-months. The app is now available via the App Store and Google Play for candidates and at for employers.


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