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Red Bull’s WINGFINDER Reveals The Four Areas That Influence Success


Red Bull’s proprietary free personality and cognitive strength assessment tool Red Bull Wingfinder is now available worldwide in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Red Bull Wingfinder, a modern alternative to traditional personality tests, is developed by an expert team of psychometricians and psychology professors from University College London and Columbia University New York. Developed with findings from thousands of scientific studies, the tool points to four areas that are most influential for success in knowledge-based jobs:

CONNECTIONS (Interpersonal and self-management skills)
CREATIVITY (includes Curiosity)
THINKING (Fluid Intelligence)
DRIVE (Ambition and Motivation)

Available to any user around the world to take for free, the tool helps individuals and HR professionals gain insights around strengths and weaknesses to better leverage talents in the workplace, overcome hurdles and take flight in their careers.

Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Professor of Business Psychology at Columbia University and author of ‘The Talent Delusion’ says,

“In what is probably the most comprehensive public version of a scientifically robust gamified assessment, Red Bull Wingfinder enables participants to identify their best career-related aptitudes by completing a picture-based personality test and quick logical-reasoning quizzes.”

“The test evaluates the RAW components of talent (Rewarding – interpersonal and intrapersonal skills; Able – a style of thinking or Intelligence suited to the demands of the role; Willing – drive and motivation). We all have flaws and limitations, but it’s our ability to keep them in check that determines our true potential.”

Red Bull Wingfinder asks about 280 questions in approximately 35 minutes. Based on the participant’s responses, it gathers the data needed with fewer questions than traditional personality tests. Due to the fun nature of the test and limited time commitment needed, candidates are more likely to be engaged throughout, and are therefore, more likely to provide accurate results making the assessment more effective. While long-standing, text-heavy personality profiles are available for varying prices, the ease and access of this test makes it a useful tool for HR professionals and individuals. Upon completion, participants get an individualised 19-pages report including detailed insights and coaching advice and a one page ‘Talent Passport’ focusing on their top 4 strengths. Red Bull athletes who have similar strengths to the test-taker share video advice on how they’ve leveraged their own strengths to their maximum potential.

Red Bull Wingfinder has been recognised by leading psychologists and scientific publications as one of the most accurate and engaging psychological assessments available to the public. It can be used as a pre-screening tool during selection and as a development tool at any stage of one’s career.  For companies interested in leveraging Red Bull Wingfinder in their own offerings, Red Bull also offers ‘High Performance at Work’, a development workshop integrating Red Bull Wingfinder. Red Bull Wingfinder contributes to the company´s mission to give wings to people and ideas.


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