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Remedium Partners’ Global Approach Saves the NHS Over £105 million


Remedium Partners, a consultancy which specialises in the recruitment of overseas permanent doctors to ease the NHS’ reliance on agency locums, has saved the NHS in excess of £105 million over the last five years by partnering with NHS Trusts to attract and secure international talent.

This is welcome news for this treasured national institution which has historically relied heavily on agency locum doctors to alleviate resourcing gaps in light of the on-going skills shortages and challenges around home-grown talent. However, this costly approach is unsustainable, with data from the NHS financial watchdog, revealing that Trusts spent £480 million on temporary health professionals last year alone.

Remedium Partners’ successful strategy compliments the NHS’ Long-Term Plan – which states that it will set out new national arrangements to support Trusts in recruiting overseas.

Celebrating this news, Philip Braham, Co-Founder of Remedium Partners, commented:

“Our on-going strategy of partnering with the NHS to increase the use of overseas doctors has reached incredible heights, and we are dedicated to continuing to do more. It is fantastic that we have been able to save Trusts so much money, given the budget constraints many are facing. However, through recruiting international talent, we are achieving more than simply reducing costs. By working with the NHS to increase permanent doctor numbers, we can help Trusts become much more efficient and, crucially, offer patients continuity of care, more stability and a build a stronger community overall.”

David Green, Co-Founder of Remedium Partners, added:

“It is fantastic to reflect on the impact that recruiting overseas talent has had on the NHS. We have been working diligently over the last five years to promote the great work that international doctors do for the UK, which is line with the NHS’ recent Long-Term Plan. It is certainly no easy task to onboard the amount of talent needed to plug the current skills shortage, however the UK certainly is moving in the right direction. As our savings demonstrate, our 800+ international professionals are making an incredible difference.”


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