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Research Reveals Updated Culture of Job-Hunting


New data released today has revealed a new job seeking culture that sees the line between active and passive job-hunting blurring.

Jobsite conducted research with over 11,000 users, and found a surprising number of those surveyed were still regularly searching and applying for jobs despite being permanently employed. Together with Jobsite analytics data, which shows a peak for applications at 11am on a weekday, this presents interesting questions about workers attitudes and motivation during the working day.

Results showed:

  • 40% of all users surveyed admitted to enjoying job-hunting
  • 64% of permanently employed candidates said they are open to new opportunities
  • 41% of these candidates admitted to actively searching for jobs on a daily basis
  • 58% of permanently employed users apply for at least one job each week, with 70% of those users applying for up to five new roles each week

Sean Phelan, Head of User Experience at Jobsite commented, “We’re seeing more candidates keeping a look out for roles while already employed, which leaves a lack of distinction between active and passive job seekers. This suggests developments which streamline the job-hunting process are resulting in it no longer being the arduous task it used to be, making it easier for users to find their ideal roles.

This is great for recruiters because it really opens up the pool of available talent ready and waiting for the right vacancy. It does mean it’s more important than ever for adverts to leave a great first impression for maximum impact.”