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Revealed: Britain’s Most in Demand ‘Green’ Jobs – and What They Pay


Three of the five most in demand ‘green’ jobs pay more than the average UK salary, according to data released by the world’s biggest job site Indeed.

Published to coincide with Earth Day tomorrow, the analysis compared employer demand for dozens of environment-related jobs – ranging from conservation to climatology, and recycling to renewable energy – in five major economies.

Researchers found that Britain has the second highest concentration of green jobs among the countries studied, and was beaten only by Australia.

They concluded that not only is Britain’s booming environmental sector creating lots of job opportunities, but many of the roles are relatively well paid – with more than half of the five most in demand jobs paying above the national average salary of £28,000.

While the green job with the highest number of vacancies is recycling worker – with an average salary of £17,258 – the second most in demand role is environmental manager, which pays an average of £37,055 a year.

Table: The UK’s most in demand green jobs, ranked by number of vacancies

Rank Job title Average salary
1 Recycling worker £17,258
2 Environmental manager £37,055
3 Water treatment specialist £27,523
4 Ecologist £29,303
5 Environmental consultant £31,695

Mariano Mamertino, EMEA Economist at Indeed, commented:

“Britain’s green sector has grown rapidly and now makes a significant contribution to the economy. The drive for greater efficiency and increased use of renewable energy hasn’t just spawned new technologies – it has created thousands of new jobs too.

“Our research reveals that for people with the right skills, a green career can offer both a good salary as well as the satisfaction that can come from making a difference to the environment.”