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Revealed: The Questions Every Candidate Should Ask in an Interview


Preparing for a job interview can be a minefield however, every interview tends to end with the line, ‘do you have any questions for us?’.  This can spark fear in even the most stellar of candidates as they realise that the answers to their pre prepared questions have already been discussed.

Here, the health and lifestyle specialist Jordan Carter at Gear Hungry presents his 5 questions that every interview candidate should ask that will not have been previously discussed.

Do you enjoy working here?

‘Ultimately, people like to talk about themselves’ says Carter.  ‘The question, ‘do you enjoy working here is a great way to gain insight into company culture and establish the pros and cons of the workplace. If the interviewer clearly hesitates or inadvertently insinuates that there are some negatives surrounding the workplace, it can be cause for concern’.

‘It is worth remembering that an interview is a two-way street.  It is not solely an opportunity for the interviewer to establish whether you are a good fit for the role but also a chance for the candidate to decide whether it is a role and culture that they want to be a part of.  Do not be afraid to ask questions that will aid you in learning more about the culture, not just the role itself’.

Where do you go for lunch?

‘Initially, the prospect of asking where your potential colleagues eat lunch may seem a little bizarre.  However, it is another great way to grasp company culture.  It may be a red flag if the interviewer states that people tend to eat at their desks.  If this is the case, do not be afraid to ask why.  It may be the case that the company workload is high, and colleagues do not have the time to stray away from their desks.

If people tend to eat communally, also establish if this is a good fit for you.  Many of the UKs workforce like to use their lunch break as an opportunity to ground themselves and obtain some alone time’.

How long has the team been here?

A high turnover of staff is never a good sign.  Asking how long the team have been in the company will give you the opportunity to not only depict the staff turn over rate but analyse the opportunity for progression.  You may soon become aware of staff members that have been there for a substantial amount of time and been awarded with several promotion.

How is performance assessed?

It is always a good idea to gain insight into how your performance will be assessed throughout the duration of your employment. It is good to get a grasp on how much scrutiny you will be under and whether it is fair.

Asking for details with regards to how your performance will be assessed also tells of how you will be able to showcase your wins and discuss progression and promotions.

What happens if things do not go to plan?

This can be a risky question however, arguably also the most important.  There will be times in the workplace when things do not go to plan and it is wise to familiarise yourself with the escalation process and gauge how your potential workplace peers support their workforce.  The question also presents the opportunity to study the logic and rationality the workplace uses when under pressure.


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