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Romanians with an interest in UK employment have increased by 600%


Shock figures reveal up to 900 people a month in the eastern European country are scouring a top job website for British jobs.

Last month alone the leading employment site got 5,554 hits from Romanians, many of whom have already arrived on British shores. There are also applications for UK posts from Romanians based in almost 100 nations, including South Africa, Philippines, USA and Australia.

The website, called, is advertising a variety of UK skilled vacancies, including roles in admin, IT, construction and manufacturing.

Director Rhys Maddocks said: “These are people who want to come to the UK to work and contribute. “They are not unskilled workers. They have specific abilities. “If employers could fill their vacancies from within the UK, they wouldn’t have to advertise abroad.” Britain opened its borders to Romanians and Bulgarians on January 1 this year after EU restrictions on movement were lifted.