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Sales Recruiting: How To Hire & Retain “A Players” To Drive Revenue For Your Sales Team!


Businesses can’t function without employees, and if part of your company is about sales, you have to ensure you get “A Players” to help drive revenue for the team. Learning sales recruiting best practices allows you to hire “A Players”. It also teaches you how to retain your best sales people, which can be even more important. Once you get the best, you need to learn how to keep the best.


The recruitment strategy should be ongoing. You may not currently need any sales people, but you should have some options available for when you do need them. If you wait until you need them, you’ll rush through the interview process and may not get the best people on your new team.

Instead, focus on creating a system that attracts talent to you. Your marketing team can create pages for your website that will promote your values, rewards and culture. People looking for work will see that and want to be part of it.