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Scottish Travel Agent Smash the “Glass Ceiling”


With the composition of company boards still featuring very highly on the business governance agenda, Barrhead Travel is pleased to be breaking the mould in the travel and tourism industry when it comes to the gender make up of their senior managers within the organisation. The senior management team of Barrhead Travel is 65% female compared to the industry average of 23%.

The recently published “Equality in Tourism” 2018 report (as featured in TTG issue 15.11.18) shows that the female composition of company boards in the travel and tourism sector has grown to 23% compared to 15% when the report was last produced in 2013.

The updated report entitled ‘Sun, Sand and Ceilings’ discusses current disparities in gender equality on company boards in a range of tourism and hospitality businesses.

Wilma Taylor, Barrhead Travel’s HR Director says:

“While Barrhead Travel has always recruited and promoted staff on the basis of talent, experience and ability to do the job, we are proud of the fact that we lead the industry on female composition of our senior management team.”

While the industry increase to 23% represents positive movement it still falls below the 25% target set in 2015 by Lord Davies’ Government Report, and considerably lower than the 33% target to be achieved by 2020.”

One of the reports’ authors, Dr Angela Kalisch, says “you need diversity in management structures to drive change”.

Sharon Munro, President of Barrhead Travel echoes Dr Kalisch’s views:

“The greatest asset in our business is our team. The latest “Sun, Sand and Ceilings” report makes interesting reading and I’m delighted to see that here at Barrhead Travel we have smashed through that ceiling.”


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