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Scottish Workers Would Pay the Most for a Stress-Free Commute


The morning commute can be the most stressful part of the day, whether it’s road rage from huge traffic jams or having to pack on to a heaving train. But how much would workers be willing to splash out for a stress-free commute?

A new interactive tool created by short term loan provider Wonga has revealed how much Brits would be prepared to spend to avoid a stressful morning commute, to enjoy a lie-in or an extra week of holiday allowance at work.

The research of 2,000 UK adults found that Brits would spend on average £54.50 – nearly seven times the hourly national minimum wage – for a single stress-free commute.

Scottish workers would pay a staggering £85.60 for a relaxing journey to work, with people in East Anglia willing to splash the cash and spend £71.18.

The average amount each region were prepared to pay for a single day’s stress-free commute was:

  • Scotland – £85.60
  • East Anglia – £71.18
  • London – £69.74
  • Wales – £68.36
  • West Midlands – £55.91
  • North East – £50.08
  • South West – £48.29
  • East Midlands – £46.65
  • North West – £42.27
  • Northern Ireland – £36.30
  • Yorkshire and the Humber – £35.71
  • South East – £31.68

The research also revealed how much the nation would be prepared to pay for an additional week of holiday allowance at work. Of those happy to spend any money, adding another week to their annual leave allowance was the number one treat that people were willing to splash the most cash on: £107.12 on average.

Workers in the capital were the most desperate for an extra week off work, with the results showing that Londoners would be prepared to pay £132.42 for the additional time off. Wales and the North East of England weren’t far behind – workers in those regions were prepared to spend £121.20 and £123.71 respectively.

James McMaster, Head of Marketing in the UK at Wonga, said:

“We created the Price for the Good Life tool so that we could better understand the value people put on both living the good life and doing their chores. What we learn will continue to inform the way we develop our Cash Smart financial education hub, through which we give hints and tips on budgeting, spending and saving.”

Find out how you measure up against the nation by visiting the Price for the Good Life game on Wonga Cash Smart:


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