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Senior Salmon Case Histories
The Start up with a Stellar Rise


When a company’s turnover goes from zero to £3.3million in just 18 months it’s not unreasonable to describe their rise as stellar.

This star performance is precisely what Martyn Salmon and Jamie Senior achieved in the first year and a half of trading as Senior Salmon.

Theirs’s is another story of a startup supported by The Recruit Venture Group, and another example of a back story that will strike a chord with many people in the sector.

These two men were recruitment consultants, who had worked together. They’d gained experience. They were good at what they did. So good that they had been promoted up the corporate ladder to the point where they were both in management roles.

What could be wrong with that? Nothing, except they were becoming frustrated by working for others, when they were bursting with their own ideas.

A partnership, and a business of their own soon became the ambition. To achieve it they needed exactly the right kind of support. They found it in The Recruit Venture Group.

Martyn Salmon expresses it as The Recruit Venture Group “taking the hassle out of starting up”. He believes that they simply couldn’t, and wouldn’t, have done it without the financial support and back up that the package provides.

‘Taking the hassle out’ included 100% financial support, risk free, and all the back office and systems support needed to be fully operational from the start. It allowed the partners to focus on the business. A focus that’s paid off.

Senior Salmon rapidly established themselves as respected recruiters providing targeted recruitment services across the Commercial, Industrial and Engineering Sectors.

That £3.3m in 18 months grew to £4.5m.  And it grew again to £10m by their fifth anniversary.

They’ve won numerous local business awards including Chad’s ‘Small Business of the Year ‘and ‘Most Promising New Business ‘ category  in the Mansfield Business Awards. So they must be doing something right

And most importantly – they place a lot of candidates into a lot of jobs.

Hundreds of them. And they’re doing it their way.

They’re recruitment stars who started up with the kind of support that gave them the opportunity to do it their way.

If you are inspired by Martyn and Jamie’s  story and would like to know more about launching your own business and the support that The Recruit Venture Group provides to entrepreneurial recruiters, head over to


The Recruit Venture Group offers entrepreneurial recruiters a truly risk-free, fully funded way to help them launch their own recruitment business.

The Recruit Venture Group has over 40 Joint Venture Partner businesses and a combined joint venture turnover of £131million.

The Recruit Venture Group enables successful recruiters become business owners, focus all their time and resources on recruitment and grow their business fast. The group invests heavily in back office infrastructure to support their Joint Venture Partners allowing owners to expand without any restrictions which may prevent them reaching their full potential.

Their unique recruitment business model is simple and risk-free. There is no personal outlay, and it gives financial security from the outset to allow recruiters to retain their current lifestyle. It provides 100% funding, no limitations on location or number of branches, full back office support services including HR, IT, Accounts, Payroll, Credit Control and Marketing.

Established in 2017, following the acquisition of Recruit Ventures Ltd by Jark Holdings Ltd, the parent company of Jark Ventures PLC.

With a ten-year business plan in place to grow the largest joint venture recruitment operation in the UK, the group aims to help launch a further 56 NEW joint venture recruitment business and a generate a combined turnover of £250m by 2027.


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