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September 2013 – Will it be your Best Month for 4 years?


Well all the indicators are that it should be? Every year for the past 30 years, September has been one of the two biggest months for jobs registered, January is typically the other. This year with the jobs economy starting to show a big up turn, September 2013 is poised to be the best month for new vacancies for over four years.

Anecdotally, all my clients over the past quarter have seen their sales growing at between 15-25% and all the indictors I am seeing are pointing to this September as being their best for several years.

The question is, are you ready to ride this wave? A wave that could take you and your sales teams to another level?

Have your sales teams mapped the markets? Do they know who are the clients that are gearing for growth in their sales regions? Do they have their propositions homed and ready? Have they worked out the key value propositions for each of those clients? Is their client engagement strategy in place or are you relying on them using their existing skill sets?

These are all important questions, as I am sensing that the clients I’ve been speaking to will no longer be looking for ones or twos but in many cases larger numbers of recruits. Many of them will want to negotiate different and more favourable terms and probably better service levels.

So are your teams briefed and ready to negotiate on these terms or will they be happy to accept a position as one of 6-8 agencies on a PSL? Do you feel confident they have the negotiating skills to sell on the ‘value’ of your service or will they be discounting heavily merely to secure the business and possibly only filling 10-15% of the jobs they take on?

In addition as the job numbers pick up will you be able to satisfy the demand? Within some cases a 20-50% increase in jobs registered do your teams have the skills to meet that demand? How are their resourcing skills?

Only this week I heard of an SME in Northern Ireland that has taken over 12 months to fill three jobs (click here). This is not unique. Increasingly there are skill shortages across the technology, engineering and oil and gas sectors. You might like to read my recent blog which highlighted some of the pinch points: Top 5 Recruitment Sectors to be in for the next 5-10 years.

So it’s not about getting jobs on, it’s about filling them? As the market turns, do your teams have the selection processes as well as candidates and client control skills to maximise the opportunities?

Can they turn these ad-hoc hiring relationships into lucrative sole agency clients? Can they sell exclusives? If you have doubts maybe check out this blog; Four Steps to turn an Ad-hoc client into a Corporate Cash-cow.

If you get the next few months right then this could be the start of a great future for you and your business; but if you do not have all the fundamentals in place then your teams will fail to capitalise on this golden opportunity and you will lose market share.

You may be unsure, so I wonder if it’s worth running through my check list of the four areas you need to have covered to maximise this opportunity for growth: Is your Business Geared up for Growth – 4 Key Actions.

The wave of new job registration which will happen in September should be sufficient to see your business have a great Q4.

So, if you want September to be your best month for registrations for four years and springboard your business to the next level, now is the time to get your business in shape?

Seven Key Pointers to consider:

Now is the time to:

• Brush up on your market knowledge
• Brief your consultants about taking jobs
• Make sure they have all the skills needs to take their relationships to the next level
• Ensure your candidate attraction strategy is primed and at its optimum
• Make certain your teams know all the top clients in your market, who are the key players and how they are going to engage them?
• Leverage your exclusive relationships and sell more sole agency client agreements
• Rally the troops and ensure they are fully motivated to maximise the opportunity

If you have any weaknesses now is the time to identify them and sort them out. Our team of experienced sales and recruitment trainers are ready and waiting to help you. Our relationship sales training is specifically designed for you to maximise this situation.


Ian has had an impressive career to date spanning nearly 30 years in recruitment, talent acquisition, sales and training sectors.

Having worked as Sales Director for Hays Specialist Recruitment for 11 years, Ian understands the complexities of corporate resourcing and constructing high return client relationships. He has led the sale of Managed Services contracts with values of up to £20M per annum and delivered numerous long term high value partnerships.

As a strategic partner to many blue chip organisations, Ian has worked at board level to assist strategic decision-making in skills availability within regions, sectors and countries. The organisations Ian has helped with his innovative, solutions focused approach include Barclays Bank, Clerical Medical, NHS Connecting for Health, DWP, MoneySupermarket, AXA Direct and Leicestershire County Council.

As well as being a founder partner of Recruitment Training Group, Ian also runs the complimentary Selling Success business, offering consulting, coaching, training and education in business development and relationship selling. Ian’s enthusiasm for coaching doesn’t end there, as a qualified FA coach he enjoys motivating people to be the best in their sporting endeavours, as well as in business.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and management psychology, Ian is able to teach sales relationship skills that it takes others years to learn. Ian is a highly proficient user of social media as a sales tool, having generated over 50% of his business income via social media. And gives others the framework to use channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter to drive their own success.


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