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“Sharing” we all heard of it since we were little but why is it difficult in the recruitment business?


I recently attended a workshop for recruiters; it was early in the morning.  There were nice pastries, coffees, people chit chatting and for once the sun was shining! I am always excited to attend those early morning workshops, it is good to learn and share thoughts with others within the same industry.

The workshop kicked off nicely, discussion started flowing and soon it was time to share with others our experience of recruiting and business development with social media. Some said they were doing really well, but when asked to share their knowledge or even give advice to others, it was like an insult to them.  They refused point blank by saying they were not comfortable sharing! Why? Because the others in the room were their competitors!

Why is it so difficult for recruiters to share? No one is asking anyone to share the list of clients you are working with. So why see each other as enemies? Indeed why attend these workshop for recruiters if you do not want to share anything?