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Short-term Recruitment Specialist, RedWigWam, Champions Experience Outside the Classroom


Thursday 26th April marks ‘Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day’. A pioneering initiative that originated in the US, there is no such formal programme in the UK, but several companies and organisations have recognised the benefits of exposing children and young people to the workplace, such as top ‘disruptive business’, RedWigWam.

Lorna Davidson, CEO of short-term recruitment agency, RedWigWam, believes that early work experience is instrumental in inspiring young people to independently forge their own path of success. She comments: “Allowing your son or daughter to see where you work can open their eyes to life outside the classroom, the value of their education and the possibilities available to them. It also takes the mystery out of what goes on every day at your workplace!”

With a sole focus on temporary work, whether short-term or ad-hoc, RedWigWam caters for those who are looking for work to suit their lifestyles. As well as looking after young children, jobseekers may be looking to juggle the care of elderly parents with work, or perhaps need a job that fits in with their university studies. RedWigWam is leading the way by providing a new way for people to find employment that fits in with them

Lorna continues:

“Both of my sons (Cameron, now 21 and Ross, now 19) have worked for the business, enabling them to gain valuable experience and build their CV, as well as provide me with some very clear feedback on our system and key business processes! Both boys have immediately supported the underlying principles of RedWigWam and believe strongly in our desire to treat all workers fairly by employing them directly and allowing them total flexibility.”

Employers who are considering allowing children and young people into the workplace for a day should, says Davidson, think carefully about what they aim to get out of it before they start. Once that is established, there is great scope for making the experience a success for all involved. She adds: “It’s a good idea to ensure that there’s a structured, inspiring and age-appropriate plan of activity in place and plenty of flexibility, so children and young people can remain inspired and engaged.”

Red Wigwam has been labelled one of the UK’s Top 50 Disruptive Businesses, with a growing client list that includes national companies such as Papa Johns, Leon, Amazon, Leicester Tigers and many more.

With over 52,000 people on the books already, this is definitely a revolution to become a part of.


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