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Should Computers Decide Who Gets Hired?


I find studies like this fascinating. For me, it’s not a question of whether technology can do a better job, it’s more about how can technology enhance the task in hand? For example, I’m recruiting right now – I’ve reached out across my network and posted the job on a few choice sites and the response has been amazing. Most of the applications I’ve read through hit the spot in terms of the skills I’ve asked for, but I prefer to filter once I’ve met with people in person. I appreciate I’m a hiring manager doing my own recruitment in a not very efficient way, but the most important factor for me is cultural fit. How effective can an algorithm be versus human intuition? And, would you choose speed over gut feel? Let me know what you think.

Should Computers Decide Who Gets Hired?

Anyone who has ever looked for a job knows that sometimes connections can trump qualifications. That’s why networking—despite its awkwardness— has become such a highly touted skill. Knowing someone who knows someone could mean finding out about a job before it’s publicly posted, or better yet, finding someone who can put in a good word or review an application himself. Many people hate this, because it is perceived to be unfair. But do these personal and subjective assessments ultimately result in better hiring?