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Signs that you need to rebrand your company


For years, children and their families enjoyed watching and listening to the television and music career of Hannah Montana (the screen name for Miley Cyrus). Late last year, however, Cyrus decided to blow up the brand of her childhood and replace it with of a much more explicit and controversial figure. Whether or not that was a wise decision is up to pop pundits, PR handlers, and parents. What is known is — Cyrus decided to update her brand image in a big way.

It’s been said that one of life’s only true givens is change. If that is accurate, even the most venerable brands will eventually need to consider rebranding. Far from repudiating all the hard work that goes into the original brand, rebranding is an acknowledgment of changing times, consumer appetites, and social mores.

Is it time to update your company’s brand? Check out the following signs to see.