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Simplicity Surpasses 300 Users Mark for Newly Launched CRM System


The number of UK recruitment agencies adopting Simplicity’s GEMS Technology has exceeded the 300-user mark just two months since its launch.

GEMS is a unique Recruitment CRM and workflow solution that combines front and back office systems into one simple process that was launched in November by Simplicity, one of the UK’s leading providers of finance and back office solutions to the recruitment industry.

“GEMS is much more than a CRM system,” said Jonathan Viney, Director at Simplicity.

“It is workflow technology specifically designed for recruiters to manage everything from candidate and client management, job bookings and timesheets (online or paper) to payroll, invoicing, HMRC/AWR compliance, credit control and full reporting – all via a single workflow management platform.”

Its purpose is simple – to help busy recruiters save time and reduce costs, as Jonathan Viney explains.

“Our initial research found that the typical recruiter spends on average up to 20% each week performing time-consuming administrative tasks. There are many reasons for this but a few stand out from the rest.”

“Firstly, having to manage multiple recruitment systems can prove costly and laborious.  Secondly, double-entry, which can be time consuming and leaves room for error. And thirdly, the complexity of many existing recruitment systems is creating more work for recruiters which all-in-all diverts them away from doing what they do best.”

Thanks to initiatives such as GEMS, recruiters can reduce their time spent on administrative tasks and focus more on business development.

In doing so, recruiters add greater value to the recruitment process by utilising their skills, industry insights and influencing their ability to deliver a great service. This in turn, increases sales and positively impacts the bottom line – the elements of recruitment that machines cannot do.

Early analysis has revealed significant benefits of using GEMS recruitment technology, as Jonathan Viney explains.

“The feedback from current users has exceeded our expectations. It is truly revolutionising the way in which recruitment business leaders run their agencies both in terms of the significant cost and time savings reported.”

“For instance, one of our agency partners described to us how they save several hours each week just from the timesheet management process on GEMS alone. They previously used a CRM system which they found very costly and struggled to use it to its best ability because of its complexity.”

“Moreover, the CRM didn’t integrate with their back-office functions, which meant job bookings and timesheets were managed on spreadsheets. – their systems were disjointed and were not only time consuming to manage, they also left room for error.”

With the number of recruitment agencies operating in the UK at a record-high, the need for recruitment business leaders to streamline their operations, increase efficiencies and become more competitive has never been greater.

GEMS is a unique product that is FREE to all Simplicity Partners. For more information, visit


Simplicity is the ‘go to’ Growth Partner for start-up and existing recruitment businesses. They help recruiters achieve Faster, Smarter Growth by removing barriers and providing them with the critical tools needed to run long term, successful and profitable businesses.

They exist to make the business of recruitment as simple as possible, by providing recruiters with a comprehensive range of market leading, award winning and ISO 9001 certified financial, back office and support services.
As part of their solution we offer ‘GEMS’ the industry’s first FREE end-to-end Recruitment CRM and Workflow Solution. GEMS technology combines your front and back office systems into one seamless process. No longer do you need the hassle and cost of a standalone CRM and other systems to run your business. From CRM to payroll, right through to reporting, GEMS provides the complete technology solution and best of all its completely FREE to Simplicity partners.

Time is a valuable asset to you and your business. Partnering with Simplicity will give you all the time you need to focus on what you do best; win new business, manage existing clients and source the best talent. Simplicity can help you to achieve your growth aspirations and make your recruitment business a success.


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