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Sirenum Secures First External Funding Round


Sirenum, the leading UK-based provider of technology solutions for innovative temporary staffing agencies, is proud to announce its first round of outside investment, led by a quartet of technology investors: seasoned investment manager Bill Currie, construction technology entrepreneur Dermot O’Grady, Intrinsic Capital founding partner Mark Horrocks, and former Tesco CEO Sir Terry Leahy. The new investment will expedite Sirenum’s growth into Europe and the United States, facilitate growth in markets outside of staffing, and allow for refinement and expansion of its product suite.

“This is the culmination of lots of hard work. It is a pivotal moment for the company. It will change how we operate, how we are perceived and how we think,” said founder and CEO Benjamin Rubin. “It will open the door to developing new capabilities, facilitating new hires, embracing new technologies, and seeking new opportunities.”

With the investment, Sirenum leadership plans to drive deeper penetration into the United States and the European continent, where the company has recently closed large deals in Poland, Switzerland, and Spain to add to its existing enterprise clients in Belgium and Italy. Additionally, the investment will enable the company to continue to expand functionality as the world’s leading enterprise-grade solution for temporary staffing agencies.

“We are excited to be investing in Sirenum at such an interesting time on its growth journey,” said Bill Currie on behalf of the investment group. “We look forward to working closely with the team to help achieve its full potential.”

The Sirenum team is excited to benefit from the years of investment, operational, and workforce management experience of the investor group. Currie, the founder of the William Currie Group, which specializes in investments in the retail, e-commerce and tech sectors, was previously a leading investment analyst for Barclays, Hoare Govett and Charterhouse Securities. O’Grady, who is co-founder and chief executive of the construction accounting and technology firm Ardent Tide, is a serial venture investor, philanthropist, and civic leader. Horrocks founded the investment advisory firm Intrinsic Capital in 2007 and serves as a non-executive director for a number of businesses. Sir Terry, who served as CEO of Tesco 1997-2010, was Knighted for services to food retailing in 2002. He is known for transforming the supermarket industry in Britain, growing Tesco to the largest chain in the UK and one of the largest retailers in the world.

With clients on every continent except Antarctica including relationships with some of the staffing industry’s most well-known brands, Sirenum has firmly established itself as the staffing industry’s leading provider of technology for managing the temporary workforce. The company’s user base has grown to include hundreds of thousands of dynamic workers in staffing and beyond. Key to that growth has been the company’s commitment to recruiting and increasing domain expertise; its team possesses nearly 60 years of experience in the staffing industry and a combined 140 years of experience in workforce management technology. With this investment, the company intends to build on its success in staffing by its nascent penetration into its corporate install base across construction, retail, transportation, care, and security.

“The investment group’s belief in our team is especially gratifying. It validates our focus on domain expertise and our strategy to penetrate staffing and then branch out into other key industries,” said Sirenum co-founder and director of marketing and corporate development Joshua Pines. “Finding the right partners on this investment was very important to us, and we’re thrilled with the way it’s worked out.”

“We’re really proud of our team for reaching this milestone. They’re passionate, thoughtful, and above all, great teammates,” added Rubin. “We’re also really grateful to our business partners and clients for their help and encouragement along the way. Getting here has been exciting, but we’re even more excited about where we go from here. It’s a great day to be a Sirenumite!”


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