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Small Businesses Struggling to Find Skilled Labor, Indeed Reports


Small businesses are struggling to hire skilled and specialized labor, according to October data from job search site Indeed’s small business index. The report found 33% of electronic equipment installation and repair positions were still open after 90 days. Chiropractors and painters followed closely at 32% each. Additionally, 30% of brickmason positions and 27% of machine tool operator positions were still open after 90 days.

“Rising housing starts are creating more demand for some of these positions, which is great news considering economic growth has slowed a bit,” said Jason Whitman, senior VP of client services at Indeed, who oversees the small business service team. “However, small businesses have a lot of competition for specialized employees, which means it can take longer for them to fill these types of jobs.” Indeed data also found 81% of small business hiring is full-time employees.