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Small Data Plays a Big Role in IT Recruiting


HR professionals and recruiters continue to rely on big data to refine the application and hiring process. They are tapping data analytics to predict ROI, performance and likely behavior. However, with so much valuable data available, it’s easy to gloss over one of the most important parts of the recruiting process: the human element.

Focusing on “small data” can not only improve the speed and efficiency of your hiring process and pinpoint obstacles in your organization, it can make it easier to find passive talent candidates.

“It’s been so exciting over the last few years to see the number of data collection and analysis tools growing, and I have no problem with using those tools,” says Jason Berkowitz, vice president of client services at Seven Step Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO.)

Big data and analysis tools are helping organizations refine their hiring process. For example, HR departments and recruiter can discover where candidates hit obstacles in the application process and which elements take candidates the longest to complete.

Data analytics also help businesses better understand how their overall attraction, hiring and retention process affects their ability to find and keep top talent.