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Smart Storage Announces 100 Jobs in the UK and Ireland


Smart Storage Ltd, specialists in discrete under stair storage solutions and a successful 2012 Dragons Den entrant, has announced the creation of 100 new jobs in the UK and Ireland over the next 18 months.

Smart Storage is creating 40 jobs in the UK, as well as 60 jobs in Ireland in the area of sales, marketing, logistics, operations and manufacturing.  In the UK, the company has 5 satellite bases: Bristol, Coventry, Manchester, Stevenage and Crawley.  As part of the company’s growth plans, it will add a further 3 bases in the UK, with 2 in the Greater London area and 1 in the North East of England.

Smart Storage supplies and installs its unique home storage solutions across the UK and Ireland.  It has fitted over 5,500 units across the UK and Ireland in 2015.  The firm’s smart storage product has the potential to fit into 11.5 million homes across the UK and Ireland.  With these new hires the firm will have greater capacity to fit storage units into more homes across the UK.

Paul Jacob, Managing Director of Smart Storage said

“What started as a nice storage idea is now a multi-million Euro business. We have grown considerably since 2011, when in our first year we had a turnover of €110,000 with one person in the business.  Winning our investment on Dragons Den helped to accelerate the company’s expansion and we have grown the business to a turnover, this year, of €3.5 million and 50 people employed. Next year, we are on target to sell over €7.5 million of our under stair storage. In order to meet these targets, we are taking on 100 new employees.”

Talking about the company’s expansion plans, Paul says,

“We initially developed the product for the Irish market & then refined the design for the UK. In the last 18 months Smart Storage has been awarded design patents for Europe, the US and Canada, providing the company with opportunities in these markets.”


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