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So Where are the 10 Hottest Job Markets Going to be in 2020?


The world of employment seems to be moving so fast at the moment, it is sometime hard to keep up. I think both Companies and Recruitment Organisations actually need a pair of crystal balls (so to speak!) to be able to keep up – one to help them understand what is happening in three months time, and the other for some genuine insight into global trends for the years ahead.

So what about that second crystal ball then –  the future. Now some of you (more likely recruitment companies) might not even given a damn about future recruitment trends and talent dynamics, focusing on the here and now. I get that and that is fine, until you realise that actually your clients are already doing that and looking at talent flows and mobile workforces, and what that means for their future employees. You are probably recruiting people that are going to be involved in these conversations when they work for your clients – maybe it might be worth taking note of global trends?