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Social Recruiting: Why it’s time to be part of the revolution


Social media has been on the rise for years, from the start of Myspace, to the takeover of Twitter. But did anyone ever think that social media would become so popular
; it would lead to recruiters using the sites to find candidates?

Let’s take Twitter as our first example. There are over 500 million users on platform and the majority of them use hashtags. In fact, Twitter is hashtag central! You can hashtag any word in your tweet and it will become clickable. Those who click on the hashtag will be directed to a number of tweets which include that particular word. As a result, both recruiters and employers have jumped upon the Twitter bus and have started Twitter campaigns from their companies. And why wouldn’t they? To date, over 8,000,000 people have used it to find themselves a job!

From posting jobs to socialising with followers, Twitter offers a free platform from which recruiters and employers can make themselves and their profiles accessible to candidates. One digital and marketing recruiter, Major Players, has even gone so far as to challenge the job seekers of Twitter to condense their CV into a tweet; just 121 characters! Indeed, this seems to be an emerging trend and at Recruitment Buzz, we’re fascinated to see how it evolves. It certainly adds fuel to the “death of the CV” debate! If you follow the hashtag #MajorCV, you will be able to see for yourself how jobseekers are doing their best to impress and what they’ve come up with.

Meanwhile, as agencies seem to be doing their best to bring the CV to Twitter, with over 200 million users LinkedIn is already the major player when it comes to scouting for candidates. Everything a recruiter or employer could want and need to know about potential recruits is already in one place; gain a picture of their work history, take a look at their profile picture and retrieve their CV – all from one page!

10.5% of users browse the site for 8 hours per week with their favourite feature being the groups; over 79.6% users belong to them. In addition to this, 24.9% of users also utilise the job function of LinkedIn to search for employment. Currently, it’s thought that around 48% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates. This is a number which is growing – unsurprising when you factor in that LinkedIn gets 5.7 times more job views than both Facebook and Twitter and 8.8 times more job applications too.

But social recruiting is not restricted to social networking sites, it also encompasses mobile and video.
Apps for jobsites are becoming ever-more popular in the smartphone world with over 70% of seekers using their phones to search for jobs. They allow job seekers to apply for jobs on the go, from anywhere, at any time. This makes life easier for the job seeker and makes your job postings more accessible. The candidate will have the vacancy they’re interested in at their fingertips, reducing the need to trawl through pages of opportunities to find that one job.

Among smartphone owners aged 18-44, making phone calls accounts for only 16% of the total time spent with their devices, whereas the remaining 84% of time is spent texting and interacting with email and social networks.

Video is also becoming popular within the social recruiting world. The rise of companies such as Sonru has allowed recruiters and employers to interview candidates without the need to actually meet in person. As a result, interviewing people internationally is more cost-effective and the time spent on the overall interview process is drastically reduced. 63% of companies have said that they often conduct video interviews and 53% of companies have said that they are using more technology in their recruitment process.

So if your company is not on the social media bandwagon, it may be time to make that jump. Social media recruiting is becoming the norm – maybe it’s time to explore what it can offer your business? Perhaps it’s time you got up-to-date with the social side of recruiting? The latest Recruitment Buzz panel debate tackles the subject of social recruitment and asks whether it could ever take over from job boards. Take a look at the responses of industry experts and decide for yourself whether it’s worth your time.

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